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Sony  WH-1000XM3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

Noise cancelling bluetooth headphones

Escape the outer noise and and loose yourself in the silence. With the latest noise cancelling bluetooth headphones.

World leading noise cancelling tech has been brought to you for your enjoyment at AN AFFORDABLE PRICE.

Come on buddy…

Do yourself a MAJOR FAVOR  and get yourself one of the HOTTEST products in the market right now. The only thing you going to regret is not buying these EXTREMELY AMAZING bad-boys  sooner.

Now…besides the great QUALITY SOUND this amazing gear produces, this is SONY’s most advanced set TO DATE.

With fitting ear pads and HD Noise Cancelling Processors QN1, the noise Cancelling power is greatly enhanced.

So which basically means you wont hear that whining baby next to you in the bus on your way back home.

Or that construction site noise that is seriously getting on your last nerve.

With just that said, we can agree it’s great huh?…

The Unique Atmospheric Pressure Optimizing feature delivers optimal sound at high altitude, so you can enjoy the noise canceling at its best when you fly too.

The Headphones have a lasting battery life

Just for a mere 3 hour battery charge time, YOU get back an insane 30 hours of playback time!

With ‘quick charge’ you can charge your headphones for JUST 10MIN and get up to 5 HOURS of POWER!

Automatic optimization changes according to your environment

Adaptive sound control automatically adjusts ambient sound to your situation.

What i’m practically saying here my dear friend is that these headphones can detect your activity

And adjust ambient sounds accordingly.

When you walking down the street
the music and the ambient sound is what you hear.

When we you waiting for your coffee at Starbucks,
You’ll hear your announcement to come collect your delicious order
Whilst listening to your waiting music

and when you travelling in the bus,taxi or train
All you hear is just pure good music my friend.

Not only that…

Talk to or listen to someone without pausing your music

With quick attention you can simply place your hand above the housing to turn the volume down for a quick conversation you might want have with a clerk maybe

Or have a quick exchange of words with someone next to you
without having to take off your headphones

or pausing the music, great feature am i right?
We can agree taking them off and/or pausing can get a bit annoying.
totally removes the hassle if you ask me.


Hands-free calling with voice assistant

Allows you to answer phone calls with a simple double tap

Thanks to multiple built in microphones,this allows for clearer voice quality.

Instead of actually sounding a bit rusty over the phone
You’ll sound better than a normal call

That’s some amazing stuff

And with a little help from Google Assistant
you can make calls with a simple voice command.

Did I mention Touch Control?

Change the music
Increase or decrease the volume
Make or take calls

By just tapping or swiping the panel with your fingertip

This is an amazing product, POINT BLANK



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