Volkano Smart Deux Anti Theft backpack

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Authentic Anti-Theft Back pack (Unisex bag)

This by far has to be one of the Best Functional Anti-theft Back pack there is
It has an excellent combine of security, storage, convenience, comfort and beauty in a bag.

Come on… what more can you ask for?

Great and Advanced Anti-Theft Back pack Security features

Not Double but Triple anti-theft protection with Retractable metal wire lock
The maximum bearing strength of ≤50KG ,

YKK double layer
Not only that but it has an explosion proof Zipper
which is a zipper with double coli chain,it prevents the chain from being easily punctured with pens and other similar objects.

High Quality Material and Compartment space

High molecular weight polyethylene with Extra fine polyester fiber, Tarpaulin
Which is basically water repellent material.

Which protects your valuable laptop/tablet from bumps, moisture, rain and dirt

Not forgetting the thoughtfully designed compartments.
Strategically designed for you to be able to store as many of your things as possible
in a secure manner

Padded back for periods of long wear

This feature was added for when you may have those long trips
you know what what i’m talking about…
For those extra long walks that can cause a little bit of strain on your back

So now with this added feature
you dont have to stress about back pains or an aching back in general
when you arrive at your rendezvous.

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By Volkano


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