Volkano Impulse Headphones

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Volkano Impulse Bluetooth headphones

Wireless blue tooth Headphones

One of the great things about Blue tooth headphones is that there is no tangling wires.

The hassle of dismantling tangled wires is GONE and we thank you ‘technology’ for that.

Am i right?

No more fussing about tangled wires. with these headsets you can…

Switch things up with FM Radio

Look buddy , we can agree that sometimes our playlist can become a bit of a bore

especially if you listen to it a lot.

So switch things up with FM radio and listen to your favorite radio station
Whenever and wherever you are.

That simple, just switch modes and tune in.

You can also…

Play your favorite tunes using SD Card Slot

With the built in MicroSD card reader
You can store your favorite jams on a MicroSD card.

And listen on the Go
No need to always have a bluetooth device to play YOUR AWESOME SONGS
Your Music is already stored in your headphones

Awesome and convenient right ?

Answer your calls directly from the headset

With the help from Walk-and-Talk support…

You can answer your calls directly from your headphones
You don’t have to pull your phone out

This is very convenient.

The multi-function button allows for this.

Not only that , but your music resumes and picks up where it priory left off after the call is over.
So no need for fiddling with awkward controls or having to take your phone out

Removes interruption thus making YOUR life a bit easier.

Reduced background noise

If you a constant traveler through noisy places
These earphones will help reduce background noise by covering your ears.

So basically say bye-bye to the irritating roaring plane engines flying past

or loud civilization in the city.

Give your tasks YOUR complete and full attention without disruption.

They comfortable and stylish

The soft foam ear cushions are designed for long-term wear.

Which means-my dear friend- you can wear these bad-boys for a long time without any discomfort.

Not only that…

Turn your gear into a fashion accessory by taking advantage of its aesthetic look.



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